Why Donate to IIMB?

Join in our mission to make IIMB a global B-School that is respected for its research, programs and impact.

The IIMB BrandWhy Donate To IIMB?

The diagram below will provide the reader a broad idea of what constitutes the IIMB Brand. Donors can help strengthen any of these constituents.

Why Donate to IIMB?

There is a perception that IIMB gets generous grants from the government as it is a premier, government backed institution. This was true many years ago. Not any longer. The government stopped funding support to all the old IIMs more than a decade ago. All the operational expenses of running the institute has to be met from income generated. This applies to capital expenditure too. 

Research funding in B-Schools has a very different flavour and impact vis-a-vis science and technology institutions. Most of the funding in B-Schools do not require physical equipment and labs and are more directed towards highly skilled human capital. However, the impact that B-Schools can make, directly or indirectly, to policy decisions can impact millions of lives. The students who graduate into leadership roles play an important role in increasing employment opportunities and making our industries more competitive at a global level. Leading global schools such as Harvard and Stanford  have built large corpus funds that run into billions of dollars. 

Here is a quick summary –

  • Serious research work requires lots of funding – usually towards high people and resources cost.
  • The government does not fund IIMB for meeting its opex and capex. This has to be done through surplus generated from operations.
  • To become a global school, we need to be able to attract international scholars and students. This costs large sums of money to fund their engagement activities.
  • Building a global brand requires investments in infrastructure, research, students, faculty, technology, people, centres of excellence, and being in a position to provide meaningful and impactful inputs to the government and other stakeholders on policy and business related areas.