Capgemini Supports Social Start-ups @ NSRCEL, IIMB

As a leader in Digital Transformation, Capgemini has a firm commitment in ensuring that technology and innovation drive sustainable and social development. Our mission as Architects of Positive Futures, is to contribute significantly to sustainable development by leveraging our skills and capabilities, developing innovative partnerships to help societies address the impact of automation and digital revolution.

Through our Digital Inclusion Program, we leverage our passion for technology to build an inclusive future and support unique ideas that suggest innovative solutions to present challenges. Through our partnership with IIMB – NSRCEL, we hope to nurture these novel ideas and dreams that have the capability to enhance and transform the way of life, address social problems in a unique way and achieve the social impact that is required.

NSRCEL is known for its expertise in incubating social impact ventures and provide impetus to women entrepreneurship. We value and support this partnership and hope to provide a platform for the aspiring and innovative start-ups to make their dreams a reality, to boost innovation and growth with an entrepreneurial mindset. We look forward to the opportunity to nurture, promising early stage social ventures at IIMB and empower them to scale up – to deliver sustained real-world impact.

We are happy to receive support from Capgemini for social ventures. The support will be used predominantly for our existing ventures but we also plan to use the opportunity to scout for deserving ventures outside our system.  The support from Capgemini dovetails into our plan to create a robust model for the social enterprise ecosystem – after incubating first at NSRCEL first, we want entrepreneurs to go out and be on their own as they solidify their enterprises before coming back to us for scale and growth support.  It is important to recognize that Capgemini support is spread over 3 years, allowing us flexibility to finetune our support to the most deserving ventures