Funding Opportunities

IIM Bangalore seeks to raise funds from alumni, friends, corporations, associations, and foundations to support the mission and the strategic plans of IIMB. IIMB’s Development Office (DO), is the single point of contact for all matters related to gifting. The DO is committed to ensure that all philanthropic activities by existing and prospective donors, is conducted in a professional manner and in line with IIMB’s mission, vision and strategic plans. Given below are the broad opportunities for application of funds.

There are many opportunities to fund various kinds of scholarships at IIMB.
We have many existing infrastructure that are open to naming rights - classrooms, buildings, gardens, centres, etc.
Research Chairs
Research Chairs in specific areas can be instituted by Donors.
Centres of Excellence
Centres of Excellence draws faculty from different domains to collaborate. They can be named.
Welfare Activities
Students and Staff welfare activities at IIMB can be supported by Donors.
We seek corporate sponsor memberships and event sponsorships that can increase visibility for the Donors.