Fractional Hostel Block Naming Rights

For IIMB alumni who spent some of their best times on campus, here is an opportunity to etch your name and acquire fractional naming rights of the hostel blocks. In a first amongst B-Schools in India, we are offering timeshare gift vouchers with every donation that will allow the alumni and family members to stay for a 2N/3D in the hostels every year during the summer holidays ten years!

  1. We are offering IIMB alumni the option of donating against fractional naming rights for hostel blocks.
  2. Donors will contribute Rs. 2 lakhs per donor ticket and his/her name will be displayed at a convenient place near the hostels.
  3. Naming rights will be valid for a period of 10 years from the date of receiving the funds.
  4. There are no limits on the number of donor tickets per donor.
  5. Only alumni who have stayed in the hostels can participate in this scheme.
  6. Every donation is eligible for a 100% tax deduction u/s 80G

Gift Voucher

  1. A gift voucher per donor ticket will entitle the authorized voucher holder to a 2N/3D stay every year (10am check-in; 12 pm check-out) in a hostel room at the IIMB Bannerghatta Road campus during the summer period when the hostels are unoccupied.
  2. A gift voucher is mapped for a stay in one hostel room.
  3. Gift voucher privileges cannot be accumulated and will lapse if unused.
  4. The hostel room will be provided in any hostel (new or old) subject to availability.
  5. Gift voucher privileges can be availed by an alum and his/her family. Family is defined as the alum, spouse and children.
  6. A gift voucher entitles a parent and a child below 15 years of age to stay in one room. An additional family member above 15 years of age would require a separate room that would require an additional gift voucher.
  7. Alumni children below 20 years have to be accompanied by a parent. Alumni children above 20 years can avail of the gift voucher privileges without being accompanied by a parent.
  8. Women will stay in the girl’s wing/block.
  9. The gift vouchers are not transferrable to non-family members.
  10. The issue of rooms will be subject to availability.
  11. The alums or the authorized family member shall adhere to the rules of the Institute and hostels.
  12. Any violation of the rules can attract immediate cancellation of the gift voucher by IIMB.
  13. The gift voucher for a stay in the hostels is not an entitlement but a mechanism to appreciate the Donor’s contribution and strengthen alumni connection with the alma mater.
  14. This is an entitlement but not an obligation on the part of IIMB and is subject to the prevailing rules and regulations at IIMB.
  15. During the stay on campus, the alumni or authorized family member can use the sports club facilities.