Alums donate towards student medical emergency fund

IIMB initiated an alumni driven open ended fund called the “Student MedicalEmergency Fund” whose objective is to meet the medical emergency expenses of current students.  A committee has been set up to evaluate cases and recommend disbursement. The fund was set up on May 2019. We ran an email campaign on 15 May and email extract is given below –

“The genesis for creating such a fund was seeded based on the current financial support requirements of Nawal Prabhat, a PGP 2018-2020 student. He was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD Stage-V) on 18th February 2019. He has been undergoing Hemodialysis 3 times a week (each session lasting 4 hours excluding some waiting time). The ongoing treatment through Hemodialysis is not just extremely expensive but is also affecting his studies and personal life to a great extent. The Hemodialysis, if continued, would affect his studies and career in the future.  The only possible solution for having a normal life is to undergo a Kidney Transplant.

His father has voluntarily offered to be a donor and they have checked the compatibility through cross-matching tests. Fortunately, the results have been favourable and the procedures for transplant (legal and medical) can be initiated. The estimated cost is Rs. 12 lakhs (Rs 10.50 + 15% variance). His family belongs to the ‘low-income category’ and are unable to bear the estimated expenses. His father retired from the postal department and resides in Uttar Pradesh. He is currently in Bangalore waiting for financial support to carry out the operation.

Time and again, IIMB Alumni have come together to extend financial support to various causes. The current initiative is to help build a corpus over time that can be used to support such medical emergencies. Two years ago, alums had stepped forward to help a student purchase very expensive prosthetic legs that were critical for the well-being of the student. The generosity displayed by alums has been amazing and we are grateful that we have such compassionate and generous alums.

To donate to this cause, please click on the link below –


Kindly note that donations to IIMB are subject to 100% tax deductions u/s 80G.”

The response was overwhelming. We collected the required amount within a week! The inspiring part was that the amounts have been contributed by students and alumni, most funds being retail in nature. We have around a hundred donors! This is an open ended fund and help students who face similar situations in the future.